Bmw 320d Reconditioned Turbo

Bmw 320d Turbo Reconditioning

Bmw dpf Removal
Bmw Reconditioned Turbo
If you own a Bmw 320d then unfortunately at some point in its life time it will need a reconditioned turbo, its simply unavoidable as they seem to suffer from turbo failure far too often. Our own research has shown that the model of turbo used in the Bmw 320d seems to suffer from premature turbo failure even though the the oil used in the Bmw 320d is of high quality due to the dpf system. At Hagan's Autos we specialize in Bmw 320d turbo repairs and Bmw 320d turbo reconditioning and over the past few years we have noticed an increasing demand for Bmw 320d reconditioned turbos. Lets look at the term reconditioning, to replace all moving parts with new so in theory you should end up with a new unit, well when you look at the turbo on the Bmw 320d thats exactly what you get. look at the turbo diagram above it shows how the turbo bolts together and easily explains how in actual fact you end up with virtually a new turbo, we use the term virtually because the new turbo core unit blots into the exhaust housing and compressor housing which are the original housings from the old turbo. The electronic actuator bolts onto the turbo once its assembled and is also adjustable to eliminate turbo lag or over boosting, the actuator it self we have never seen to give any problems and has always been reusable once the turbo has on the bmw 320d has been reconditioned.

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My Mazda 6 Diesel had an intermittent turbo boost problem, so having found Hagans Autos via a Google search I arranged for Colin to have a look at it. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and thankfully the repair was really simple. Thanks Colin!

My Bmw 320d M sport developed a turbo problem a few weeks ago, I went onto Google and searched for Bmw turbo repairs and found Hagan's Autos who specialize in turbo repairs and dpf removals. I left my car with Colin and he sorted it in just a few days, car is going great now thanks to Hagan's Autos.
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