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dpf Removal
Mazda5 and Mazda6 dpf problems seem to be on the increase, and lets face it, who is going to shell out the thousands at there local Mazda dealer for a dpf replacement, most Mazda 6 and Mazda 5 owners have the dpf removed. To remove the dpf system from the Mazda 6 or Mazda 5, the first thing is to remove the exhaust system from the vehicle, then, depending on excess, remove the dpf internal filter until you are left with the catalytic converter filter. The next thing is to carry out a forced dpf regeneration of the dpf system using a diagnostic tool. At this point, the dpf code will need deleted by remapping the vehicles ecu with a map which no longer has a dpf code to operate the system. This will not effect how the vehicle runs; in fact, it normally runs much better and will produce a bit more power. Dpf removal is very common in the Mazda 6 and Mazda 5 and a Hagans Autos we specialize in Mazda dpr removal, so if you need the dpf removed then get in touch and we will help you.

The diesel particulate filter, sometimes known as dpf is fitted to allow engines to reach the latest emissions standards, diesel vehicles require a system to clean the exhaust gases before they exit to atmosphere. The dpf filter on modern vehicles like the Mazda 5 is normally fitted to the vehicles exhaust system downstream from the catalytic converter, the purpose of the dpf filter is to filter the soot particles produced during engine combustion. The soot particles pass through the particulate trap before they exit to atmosphere, the level of soot which builds up in the particulate trap is monitored via a change in pressure at each end of the particulate trap, once the soot levels are thought to be to high then a dpf regeneration is triggered to burn if the soot. Unfortunately the soot keeps building in the filter and eventually causes a dpf filter to block, once this happens then the dpf light starts flashing which means there is only one option left, dpf removal.

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Dpf light on my Mazda 6 started flashing a few weeks ago, I looked online and found Hagan's Autos who specialize in dpf removal. Just got the car back and its running better than ever, I would defiantly recommend this service.

The dreaded dpf light has been flashing on my Mazda 6 for weeks now so I finally gave up trying to regenerate it and left it in to Hagan's Autos to have the dpf removed. I got them to give it a full service and replace the timing belt while they had it, car is running so much better and I am well pleased.
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