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Mazda 5 engine noise when cold and goes away when warm? Is the noise a squealing noise when the engine is at idle? Mazda 5 engine Knocking noise when the engine is at idle?, these are the main symptoms of the Mazda 5 premature engine failure. Lets look at the first one, Mazda 5 squealing noise when cold. This noise is cause by meshing of too gears running slightly out of mesh, the gears in question are the oil pump gear and the gear which drives the oil pump. It only takes a small chip out of one tooth on the gears and the meshing of the gears will be of, once this happens then your Mazda 5 will develop the squealing noise. Unfortunately the remedy for this is expensive as the engine will need to removed, then striped down and rebuilt with a new oil pump and other major components and bearings. As for the gear which drives the oil pump, it will need to be made to suit the gear on new oil pump as Mazda don't sell it separately. When too gears are made, they are cut from the same material as they must be a perfect mesh or they will squeal, so simply replacing the oil pump is not enough, you must replace the drive gear also.

The next problem the Mazda 5 engine can develop is a heavy knocking noise at idle, this noise is the big end bearings on the crankshaft knocking on the crank due to lack of oil pressure, this is whats known as catastrophic engine failure and again the engine must be removed and striped down to repair this problem.

Not lets look at the cause

The Mazda 5 diesel engine will produce a lot of soot type gases which make there way into the oil via the piston rings in the engine, these gases are vented back into the engines induction system via the crankcase breathing system, the problem with this is, the oil is constantly getting bombarded with these gases and will eventually lead to oil degradation. The Mazda 5 and Mazda 6 are fitted with a complex low emission system called D P F (Diesel Particulate Filter), this system operates by increasing the rate of diesel injected into each cylinder for a short period of time. The purpose of this is to increase the temperature in the d p f filter to burn of the soot particles stored, the proses is called D P F regeneration. The problem with this is, some of the diesel used during regeneration escapes past the piston rings and into the engine oil, when this happens then we create a very big problem called oil degradation. Dispersant additives in today's engine oils keep the individual soot particles from forming damaging clumps, but if you leave the engine oil in there for too long, then excessive soot levels in the oil can quickly overwhelm the dispersant additives in lower quality engine oils and ultimately form what is commonly known as sludge. Once this happens then the oil ways which transport oil to the big end and main bearings on the crankshaft begin to block, this will result in a drop in oil pressure and will lead to Mazda 5 engine failure, oil pump gear noise, turbo failure and general Mazda 5 engine failure even as low as 40,000 miles

The Mazda 5 or Mazda 6 diesel engine is not very forgiving if runs low on oil, what I mean is that some engines will still run for a short while until you get some oil into them, but the Mazda 5 or Mazda 6 diesel engine will simply seize, or can sometimes develop a big end bearing knock. The Mazda 5 or Mazda 6 diesel engine dose not come cheap in the second hand market as car breakers know about the problem with theses engines. So of course they will use this to there advantage and make a large profit selling you a second hand engine which is not reconditioned and is probably just about ready to seize up or start rattling.

Not only are the Mazda 5 or Mazda 6 diesel engines expensive but they are getting difficult to locate in the second hand market, in fact there seems to be an increase in the amount of these engines being repaired. We can offer you a solution to your Mazda 5 or Mazda 6 diesel engine problems. A complete rebuild of the engine from the bottom up including a new oil pump and overhaul of the turbo with D P F removal included will cost just £2500. If you live in England Scotland or Wales then we can have the car picked up and brought to us, then delivered back to you.

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Colin at Hagans Autos is amazing, our mazda 5 had an engine noise after spending £2500 at several garages that miss diagnosed it, i googled mazda engine noise and Hagans Autos came up in Ireland. We live in England but that wasnt a problem for colin he had our mazda collected and he did the job, it turned out to be the oil pump and cog on the crank shaft. Mazda Coventry quoted us £6000 colin mended it for a third of that cost he also reconditioned the turbo removed the dpf filter and remaped it. We also took the mazda to several garages because of an anoying noise on the back end, it turned out that when the brake pads had been fitted they were missing the shims and colin diagnosed and fixed that problem also. We wish that we had found colin before we spent £2500 at garages that didnt have a clue on what they were doing so please if you need engine work doing go to Hagans autos because it will save you £££'s in the long run. Nothing is too much trouble for colin he is very passionate about his work and his customer service is second to none, we cant thank him enough for the excellent service we received and our mazda 5 is running better now than it ever has.