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When you purchased your Mazda CX5, did you think at some point down the line you would be searching for Mazda CX5 Low Oil Pressure online, did you also think that your next google search would be Mazda CX5 Engine Replacement, probably not but unfortunately, I have seen Mazda CX5 Engine Failure as low as 40,000 miles.

The Mazda CX5 Engine can produce a lot of soot type gases which make there way into the oil via the piston rings inside the engine, and these gases are vented back into the engines induction system via the crankcase breathing system, where the gases get burnt off on the next combustion stroke. A crankcase breathing system has been around for years and worked very well up until the dawn of the modern diesel engine being fitted with d p f systems and other environment-saving systems.

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Mazda CX5 engines are fitted with a complex low emission system called D P F (Diesel Particulate Filter); this system operates by increasing the rate of diesel injected into each cylinder for a short period of time. The purpose of this is to increase the temperature in the d p f filter to burn of the soot particles stored, and the process is called D P F regeneration. In Mazda Cx 5 Engine Problems, some of the diesel used during regeneration escapes past the piston rings and into the engine oil, so the crankcase gases being produced are very toxic to the Engine and will eventually lead to oil degradation.

Dispersant additives in today's engine oils keep the individual soot particles from forming damaging clumps, but if you leave the Engine oil in there for too long, then excessive soot levels in the oil can quickly overwhelm the dispersant additives in lower quality Engine oils, when this happens it forms what is commonly known as sludge. The sludge can quickly block the oil ways which transport oil to the big end and main bearings on the crankshaft, which will result in a drop in oil pressure and will lead to that warning on your display, Mazda CX5 Low Oil Pressure.

Mazda CX 5 Turbo Problems

The Mazda CX5 Engine is not very forgiving if runs low on oil; what I mean is that some Mazda engines will still run for a short while until you get some oil into them, but the Mazda CX5 Engine will simply seize, or can sometimes develop a big end bearing knock. A big end bearing knock is a heavy knocking noise at idle; this noise is the big end bearings on the crankshaft knocking on the crankshaft due to lack of oil pressure, this is what's known as catastrophic engine failure, and you will find yourself searching for Mazda CX5 Engine Replacement cost.

Mazda Skyactiv Engines

We can offer you a solution for your Mazda CX5 Engine Replacement, Mazda Skyactiv Engines; we can have your Mazda CX5 collected and brought to our workshop, then Remove The Engine and completely strip it down. The Engine will get reconditioned from the bottom up then refitted back into your Mazda CX5; then will personal road test your Mazda CX5 for one week or more to ensure 100% quality. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales then we can have the car collected and brought to us, then delivered back to you.

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From the moment I emailed Colin about my Mazda 6 I felt reassured the Car would be in safe Hands. The Car had a major engine overhaul due to crankshaft damage and now the Car is safely back on my drive after only a few weeks and is driving and sounding like new. Don't let distance between yourself and Collins workshop put you off , Transportation is taken care of and is returned back to you. I fully recommend Collin and his team to anyone that needs engine reconditioning, especially solving DPF and Turbo issues. Also comes with 6 month warranty. At a fraction of the cost that a Mazda stealer would charge for the same problem.

Many Thanks, Phil W.