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Turbo repair or turbo reconditioning is getting more common in modern vehicles through out Northern Ireland and Ireland, the variety of vehicles which need turbo reconditioning seem to range from Bmw 320d to Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI At Hagans Autos we offer turbo reconditioning service and Dpf removal for Bmw, Peugeot, Ford, Citroen and more which will repair your turbo to brand new. Before you decide on how your going to get your turbo repaired the first thing is to give you a basic introduction into how a turbo works. The wasted exhaust gases from your engine pass through the variable vanes and begin spinning the turbine, this in turn spins the turbine shaft. On the front end of the turbo is a Compressor wheel which is located in the compressor housing, as the turbine shaft begins to spin so does the compressor wheel, the compressor wheel compresses the air being drawn in by the engines induction and sends it through the inter-cooler. The inter-cooler will cool the air down and sends it on to the engine cylinders for combustion, the purpose of the inter-cooler is to cool the air which makes it more dense there for creating more space in the inter-cooler for even more air.

Here are some examples of how vehicles can suffer from turbo failure.

Now lets look at another vehicle which is well known for its turbo problems, Peugeot 307 and 407 1.6 HDI

The Peugeot 308 and 407 1.6 HDI suffer from turbo failure quite often, this is caused by oil degradation occurring due to the high temperatures the engine runs at and other systems such as dpf (diesel Particulate Filter). Dispersant additives in today's engine oils can only last for so long as excessive soot levels in the oil can quickly overwhelm them and form what is commonly known as sludge, once this happens then the turbo on the Peugeot 308 and 307 1.6 HDI will fail. Turbo failure is so common on the Peugeot 1.6 HDI we have devised our own remedy to prevent future turbo problems once you have the turbo repaired.

Remove oil sump from bottom of engine, wash it out and thoroughly dry it, replace the main oil pick up pipe which bolts onto the bottom of the oil pump, there is a wire mesh type filter inside the pick up pipe which can get blocked up very easily, refit the sump. Fit new oil feed pipes and oil return pipes going to the turbo as they are probably blocked up with gunge, remove all breather pipes and clean them out, replace all crankcase breather filters, they are normally on top of the rocker cover or on the air box. Remove and clean out the oil filter housing, refit it and fit a new oil filter, fit the reconditioned turbo and fill the engine with oil. This is a brief outline into what needs done, the actual work involved is much more detail than we have stated. Other symptoms of turbo failure would be loss of power, this can be caused by a number of things, a split intake hose which would create a whistling noise (not to be confused with a whining noise). If the waste gate was to stick open this would cause the exhaust gas to rush straight down the exhaust manifold and not turn the turbine, therefore the compression side of the turbo is not making any boost pressure. Variable vanes can also stick due to a build up of exhaust carbon in the variable vane chamber, Variable vanes operate by allowing exhaust gas to pass through them and spin the turbine at variable speeds, if these vanes are stuck in any way then they will not spin the turbine correctly or in some cases not spin it at all. In most cases if you are experiencing loss of power then the turbo will need to be repaired.

Now lets assume your turbo is blown, what do you do? Take your car to the main dealer so they can replace your turbo with a new one and simply throw your old one in the bin. Well if you have a second mortgage on your home then you can probably afford to do that. The next option is to have the turbo reconditioned, turbo repairs is much more affordable alternative than going to the main dealer, we offer a turbo repair service in Ireland which will repair your turbo to new, your original turbo will be removed from the vehicle, striped down and cleaned then all parts replaced so your are left with a completely reconditioned turbo, we also offer brand new turbos and all of our work comes with a 6 month warranty. We are located out side Belfast and I know it seems crazy to bring a vehicle from Dublin or any where in Ireland to us for a turbo repair, but if you consider the the fact that all we work on is turbos and we have repaired turbos for people all over Ireland at a reasonable cost including recovery of the vehicle, we are only a stone through away.

Shipping Your Turbo To Us.

If you are in Ireland or the far corners of Northern Ireland, you can send your turbo to us, simply click on the link below and you will be transferred to Night Lines Courier site where you can book a collection and have it sent to us, when you are on the Night Line site click on E Shipping to book a collection.

Your dimensions and address to send it to are as follows, and it would be a good idea to write this down before clicking through to there site.

1 box, length 30cm, width 30cm, height 30cm, weight 8kg

Just put your turbo in a well padded box about the size stated above and tape it up, stick our address on it which is

Hagans Autos 83 Irish Hill Road Ballyclare Co.Antrim Northern Ireland BT39 9NL

Please write your name, full address, tel number and email address on piece of paper and put it in the box, we will call you when we get your turbo and should have it on its way back to you in a few days.

We except debit and credit cards as payment which can be done via email, please contact us for further details.

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My Mazda 6 Diesel had an intermittent turbo boost problem, so having found Hagans Autos via a Google search I arranged for Colin to have a look at it. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and thankfully the repair was really simple. Thanks Colin!

My Bmw 320d M sport developed a turbo problem a few weeks ago, I went onto Google and searched for Bmw turbo repairs and found Hagan's Autos who specialize in turbo repairs and dpf removals. I left my car with Colin and he sorted it in just a few days, car is going great now thanks to Hagan's Autos.
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